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Emtelle India Limited is totally dedicated to the service of the farmers of the country and has a very proactive Agronomy Division which is continously striving to offer best possible services to the farmers. All the beneficiary farmers are given complete know how on the operations and maintenance of MIS Systems. Futher our Agronomists give one stop shop services right from selection of cropping patterns, seed selection, care and fertigation schedules for crop cycle to ensure better harvests.

Our Agronomy Division acts as a non partisan agency between the farmer and the buyers to help farmers get a better deal on the crop. New Science of Agricultural practises is also shared with the farmers, updating them about the new technological advancements in irrigation practises. Krushi Margdarshika – a periodical which acts as a ready reckoner for operation and maitenance of MIS Systems and comprehensive information to farmers on various areas of irrigation is distributed free of cost.

After Sales Service

Micro Irrigation practice improves prevalent farming methods with use of technology and hence it is very essential to offer a sustained and continuous after sales support to beneficiary farmers after the system is installed. Parixit field staff is always on the call and offers a strong after sales technical support to all the beneficiary farmers to ensure effective use for a long time to come with regular maintenance procedures. A 24 hour helpline has been set up and the beneficiary farmers can get in touch to log in any complaints or suggestions. Feedback of all complaints is immediately dealt with and suggestions are compiled and appropriate actions taken.

Trainings to Farmers

  • Regular Training Sessions are conducted at farmer’s end by the Agronomists to update on proper use of MIS Systems, timely care and maintenance for a longer life and better output.
  • Periodic Seminars and Trainings for effective crop patterns and crop care.
  • Information Seminars on new variety and strains of new crops which the farmers can grow.


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